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Oculus VR News | April 21, 2024

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Oculus Rift Gets $16M in Series A Funding for Production

Oculus Rift Gets $16M in Series A Funding for Production

Image courtesy of: Oculus

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Oculus VR is the developer of a very highly anticipated product that is expected to hit the consumer shelves in 2014 – the Oculus Rift. They were able to land $16 million to help fund the costs of the production of the Oculus Rift through Series A Funding. They have put together a board of directors, which includes Santo Politi and Antonio Rodriguez. Politi comes from Spark, while Rodriguez comes from Matrix. They plan to use their funding to help them speed up the development of the Oculus Rift, and help to make virtual reality more real for the consumers.

Why Did Oculus Get Started?

When they were first starting out, the founder of Oculus, Palmer Luckey stated: “Oculus began with a single mission: to put players inside the game. This investment allows us to deliver immersive and affordable virtual reality to players everywhere.” As you can see, they really just want to help make the gaming experience better for gamers. With the modern advancements in technology, it is easy to see that the technology industry will continue to grow and expand, and that means more realistic video gaming experiences- which has been a dream of gamers for decades. It is now becoming more of a reality. Oculus Rift funding has shown great signs of support and raises the bar on the expectation of how the VR industry is set to change the way we perceive technology and reality.

What to Expect from the Oculus Rift

Many people anticipate what the Oculus Rift will really be like. It is designed to be a headset for virtual reality gaming that will allow the players to have an immersive and stereoscopic 3D viewing experience. It also will give them an expanded field of view and will help to overcome many of the latency challenges that have arisen in the past. When they put out the first prototype in 2012, it received instant praise from people in the gaming industry. This is perhaps why Oculus VR has been so successful.

What’s New in Gaming?

Aside from the Oculus Rift development kit currently available, there have also been a lot of gaming console announcements made recently. The Xbox One and the Playstation 4 are sure to make their mark this holiday season. With this in mind, other people in the gaming industry need to keep an eye on all the advancements. As people begin to see just how advanced and different the Oculus Rift is, they will start to look for ways to continue to improve upon it. It is a never-ending process that we call technology.

When Can We Expect the Oculus Rift?

With all of the hype for the new Oculus Rift, many people want to know when they can expect to see it hit the stores. While they say that it should come out at the end of 2014, it isn’t a guarantee. There isn’t a release date that has been set in stone. Only time will tell, and hopefully, the wait would have been all worth it.