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Oculus VR News | June 16, 2024

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The Winners of the VR Jam 2013

The Winners of the VR Jam 2013

Image courtesy of: Oculus

Staff Writer

The VR Jam 2013 winners have been chosen! There are hundreds of gaming developers out there that devote their time to creating games that people are sure to love, and they are able to participate in the annual VR Jam, where they are able to get various prizes worth around $50,000 or more! This year, the winners have really made their mark in the gaming industry, and it is easy to see that there are many up-and-coming developers that are sure to be the future of gaming.

About the Challenge

This year, the teams were challenged with various types of virtual reality gaming design, and there were a lot of innovative developers that attempted to win the top prize and get their name out there. Over 220 teams and more than 1,000 persons competed at this event, which is an overwhelming response. The submissions were graded based on audio/video design, virtual reality design, game design, innovation, world and story design, and overall fun by a panel of judges made up of 30 gaming experts.

Open Call Winners

There was a grand prize winner, two runners-up, and even an honorable mention when it comes to the Open Call. The winners are:

  • Grand Prize Winner: E. McNeill with Ciess
  • 2nd Place Winner: Brian Schrank with Dumpy
  • 3rd Place Winner: Tomas Mariancik with Sight Line
  • Honorable Mention: Sergio Hidalgo with Dreadhalls

Selected Developers

When it comes to the selected developers, there was also a grand prize winner and two runners-up. The winners are:

  • Grand Prize Winner: Lau Korsgaard with Virtual Internet Hacker
  • 2nd Place Winner: Robert Yang with Nostrum
  • 3rd Place Winner: Julian Kantor with Elevator Music

What the Grand Prize Winners Receive

This is a very competitive industry, and there are a lot of innovative geniuses out there that just want to share their games. The grand prize winners have really made an impact on the judges, which is why they were chosen as the winners. Each grand prize winner will receive a $10,000 cash prize, along with a trip to the IndieCade 2013, which will give them the chance to exhibit their new game. They also get to go to the Oculus Headquarters and spend a day with their award-winning team.

Playing the Winning Games

If you would like to play any of the winning games, you can do so by going to the VR Jam 2013 site. This will give you the opportunity to play the games and give your feedback. It’s a great way for you to see just what these great game enthusiasts have put out there for the future of gaming.

A very big congratulation goes out to the winners, as they worked hard to create an experience that everyone is sure to enjoy. There are a lot of entries, and playing them all was very inspiring.