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Oculus VR News | April 17, 2024

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'Crystal Cove' Adds Positional Tracking and Eliminates Motion Blur

Crystal Cove Prototype

Image courtesy of: Oculus

Staff Writer

The Oculus Rift has undergone major changes recently with new prototypes and developer’s kits. Changes to the Rift have recently been made to eliminate motion blur.

The newest version is promised to be the next step toward the final version of the Oculus Rift. With just a simple change in the screen, the Oculus Rift is closer to completion by eliminating one of its biggest issues.

New Prototype

The new prototype, known as ‘Crystal Cove’, switches the current LED screen for a new OLED. With that comes an external camera and there are also new markers (sensors) for the position of the headset. This tracks where you are depth-wise. It appears the new prototype is a much better improvement. However, according to Engadget, CEO Brendan Iribe pointed out that the camera is not final and may never actually ship with the final product. This is just the best solution being used at the moment.

The new demonstration of the Rift, called EVE Valkyrie features control panels, forward thrusters, and other such controls that place you in the experience of being in space among other spaceships that you are forced to fight to survive. The old prototype made text unreadable in motion, but the new model allows for text to be read in-game and was demonstrated to users by having them play one model first, then another.

Positional Tracking and its Benefits

Positional tracking also allows for one-to-one movement far more advanced than the original product. With positional tracking, it gives the user an incredible sense of being within the virtual space. When you attempt to lean forward or turn your head in the game your senses react as they should. You feel you’re actually there. And its this type of innovation that will fully immerse the user in the VR experience.

Improving the Experience

Each new unit is looking more crisp and complete than the last. The new screen and other improvements made to the Rift, already make the original developer’s kit seem obsolete. New dev kits are in the making and are set to release to the public in 2014. The more precise the new prototypes get, the closer the final product is to be the most innovative and impressive new step in gaming. New improvements make the consumer more comfortable with spending money on a VR headset without the fear of things like illness or buyer’s remorse.