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Oculus VR News | July 22, 2024

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New Oculus Rift Coming in January, But Don’t Worry You Won't Get Sick

New Oculus Rift Coming in January, But Don’t Worry You Won’t Get Sick

Image courtesy of: Fred Morledge

Staff Writer

The Oculus Rift is probably one of the most long-awaited virtual reality gaming tools to hit the market, and the new version of its development kit will be unveiled starting in the second week of January. It is undoubtedly one of the biggest innovations when it comes to video gaming and virtual reality. The problem is that many people have concerns about it, and whether or not it will make them motion sick. After all, the first version of the device had a few kinks that needed to be smoothed out, but just how smooth is the experience now?

What About Motion Blur Experienced in First Version?

One of the biggest complaints with the first version of the Oculus Rift is the fact that it had a motion blur, which was really something that made a lot of people sick. The good news is that the motion blur is not there anymore, and that means that people won’t have to get motion sickness every time they turn their head! This is an added bonus, as there are some gamers out there that were playing it even though it made them sick! So, you don’t have to worry about that anymore, thankfully.

Other Improvements We Expect to See

There are other improvements that have been made to the Oculus Rift that will be seen when the product hits the stores in just a month or so. They were able to give it a higher resolution, lower latency, and even incorporate full position motion tracking, so that it can tell exactly where you are. That means that you can lean forward and see things better, and you can really get the most 3D effect out of this headset! It really is a gamer’s dream come true.

The Rift Offers More Uses than Simply Games

For those that don’t like gaming- and yes, there are a few out there- the Oculus Rift can be useful in other ways. There is talk that it will be able to be used for virtual tours, educational trips, virtual reality movies, and much more. That means that it can really make changes throughout the world of technology, not just in the gaming industry.