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Oculus VR News | July 22, 2024

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Facebook and RED Unveil 'Manifold' 3D VR Camera

Facebook and RED Unveil 'Manifold' 3D VR Camera

Image courtesy of: Facebook


At Oculus Connect 5 yesterday, the company’s annual developer conference, Oculus’ parent-company Facebook and RED revealed a first look at their 360-degree VR camera, called Manifold, which can capture 8K immersive video content at 60 fps simultaneously in raw format.

Designed for next-generation immersive 6DoF storytelling, the Manifold camera uses an array of 16 RED Helium 8K Sensors with custom Schneider 180-degree fisheye lenses, which will allow the device to capture a complete volumetric scene, while also preserving depth information to display high-quality 360-degree footage.

According to Facebook’s blog post, “Manifold captures multiple camera angles simultaneously from within a given volume, enabling infinite perspectives to be generated from any direction within a field of view…Facebook’s industry-leading depth estimation technology captures 3D information from any scene—like characters, props, and everyday backgrounds—resulting in high-quality video bursting with enhanced volumetric detail and movement.”

The Manifold camera will also utilize “familiar, yet powerfully robust” post-processing tools from partners at Adobe, Foundry, and OTOY for filmmakers and creative professionals to edit, optimize, and finalize their projects.

Both Facebook and RED promise to announce more updates on their state-of-the-art Manifold VR camera system, including details on pricing, availability, and more in the future.