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Oculus VR News | May 25, 2024

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Oculus Adding Over 100 New Jobs as it Expands into Augmented Reality

Oculus Adding Over 100 New Jobs as it Expands into Augmented Reality

Image courtesy of: Oculus


Are you looking for a job at Oculus? Well, the company has started a major recruitment push towards further expanding into augmented reality and continues advancing the development of future VR hardware and technology for the company.

According to the Oculus’ Careers page, more than 100 positions are currently available, 31 of which are for roles at Oculus Research, the Redmond-based division of the company dedicated to the long-term study and innovation of virtual reality technology and applications. Chief Scientist Michael Abrash spoke in-depth at Oculus Connect 3 on many areas of VR technology that he predicts will improve over the next five years, emphasizing the vast amount of work and research to be done in order to help the technology achieve its goals. In addition to its hiring spree, Oculus recently put out a call for research, offering a $250,000 grant for research in several fields.

Among the interesting job roles currently offered is the role of AR Incubation Lead, which according to the listing describes the successful candidate will have the responsibility “to build, manage, lead and inspire a multi-disciplinary team of engineers, programmers, specialists, and designers who, working with world-class researchers, will build AR technology that opens the path to everyday use for a billion people.”

Many of the other Oculus’ job positions listed center around its software and hardware engineering divisions at the company. While Oculus is known for pioneering the virtual reality industry forward, it’s clear that the company has a plan in place to explore the possibilities of augmented / mixed reality and position itself ahead of the curve, as well.