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Oculus VR News | July 16, 2024

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Oculus Announces Launch Pad 2016 Scholarship Winners

Oculus Announces Launch Pad 2016 Scholarship Winners

Image courtesy of: Oculus


Back in March, Oculus revealed the creation of Launch Pad, an initiative designed to support aspiring virtual reality creators bring their unique ideas to market. Since then with over 100 developers participating in the program, Oculus announced this week the 11 winners of the Launch Pad 2016 scholarship contest.

According to Oculus, the company will distribute $250,000 in funding to help support the development of these virtual reality experiences that more accurately represent its global audience from a diverse group and variety of content creators. The Launch Pad 2016 winners, whose projects will receive funding and go on to launch include:

  • Shamir Allibhai, Unveiled Labs – the app is an exploration of how we can democratize VR short story creation and share our experiences in an immersive way with friends and family using just our phones.
  • Hassan Karaouni, My: home – the project explores how aspiring 360 content developers can contribute to a meaningful platform from the comfort of their own homes and communities.
  • Erica Layton, SkyIslandsVR – a narrative adventure game for Gear VR. Uncover the ecological mysteries of an ancient world, with the guidance of a helpful creature.
  • Jewel Lim, Found + “Project Dragonfly”Found is an interactive VR film exploring the intersection between storytelling and the use of game mechanics. While “Project Dragonfly” (a separate project) will continue exploring that same intersection with a stronger narrative.
  • Jeris JC Miller, Shifting POV – a four-part VR/AR Mixed Reality film series following women and indigenous cultures.
  • Mohammad Musa, EyezVR – the app includes several eye exams in VR that traditionally couldn’t be easily done at home.
  • Francisco A. Rojas, Ph.D., PHOBOS – a modern virtual reality exposure therapy application that psychologists can use to treat patients for a variety of fears and anxieties.
  • Lakshmi Sarah, Tiny World Productions – Lakshmi tells stories through a series of small-scale journalistic projects in collaboration with Melissa Bosworth for Tiny World Productions.
  • Rico Stenson, Starship Disco – a music-driven VR shooter that lets you import your own tunes.
  • Emre Tanirgan, Paradiddle – a VR drumming application that lets users explore their percussion skills without the limitations of the real world.
  • Lisa Walkosz-Migliacio, Reviva – Bailey is the older sister who prides herself in looking after her mischievous younger brother, Chase, who has destroyed the world. Explore the ruins and bring them back to life with your magical camera that restores lost memories.

All of the final projects from this year’s Launch Pad winners that aren’t already available will all be shared over the coming months. Oculus also noted that applications for the next Launch Pad group will open in March of 2017.