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Oculus VR News | April 17, 2024

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Oculus Audio SDK 1.0.2 Now Available to Developers

Oculus Audio SDK 1.0.2 Now Available to Developers

Image courtesy of: Oculus


In an effort to provide the best audio experience possible in virtual reality, Oculus recently released an update to its Audio SDK ensuring developers have access to powerful tools necessary to deliver a compelling 3D spatial audio experience into VR games and applications in the most efficient way.

According to the changelog, the latest Oculus Audio SDK version 1.0.2 is available for download directly from the Oculus VR website that offers some new API changes and additional bug fixes to the SDK:

API Changes

  • Native Spatializer for Unity: Set void SetParameter(ref AudioSource source) function within ONSPAudioSoure.cs to public. When instantiating a prefab with this component, please be sure to call this function (and pass a reference of the AudioSource component) before calling AudioSource.Play().
  • Ambisonics API: Changed to right-hand coordinates to match the rest of the public AudioSDK.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug causing reverb to turn on/off at random.
  • Reverb is now disabled when per-sound setting to disable reflections is on.
  • Fixed rejecting high reflections value from plugins: changed AudioSDK parameter validation to accept reflection coefficients 0-1, and clamp to 0.95.
  • Wwise: Fixed for incorrect detection of channel count on sounds sent to OSP bus (previously resulted in n > 1 channel warning message, even though sound is mono).
  • Wwise: Temporary fix for sounds using multi-position mode – they now bypass the OSP and display a warning message in profiler log, rather than playing spatialized but unattenuated.
  • Unity Native: Fixed reversed z-axis when calculating position of sound relative to listener.Added falloff range near/far to Unity Native OSP.

For more on known SDK issues, bug fixes, and changes integrated in the Oculus Audio SDK 1.0.2 check out the official Oculus release notes.