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Oculus VR News | May 25, 2024

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Oculus Connect 2 Developer Session Videos Now Online - Part 3

Oculus Connect 2 Developer Session Videos Now Online - Part 3

Image courtesy of: Oculus


Oculus Connect 2 was a great success in bringing together developers, engineers, designers, and industry experts from around the world to share their passion for virtual reality, and collaborate on ways to help shape the future of the Oculus platform.

If you were unable to attend the event, you’re in luck! Oculus has released more developer session videos online that are worth watching for anyone with an interest in learning and has a desire to develop for VR. See also: Oculus Connect 2 Developer Sessions – Part 1, Part 2

Oculus Connect 2: Shipping your content on the Oculus Platform

Speakers: Caitlin Kalinowski (Oculus), Stephanie Lue (Oculus)

‘The Oculus Store is a VR-first experience that will connect content developers to their worldwide customers. This talk will introduce developers to the process for submitting and managing their content on the platform, and share best practices for working closely with the Oculus Publishing team to price and market content for maximum success.’

Oculus Connect 2: Perception in Low Light VR Environments

Speaker: John Thorp (Horn & IVRY)

‘Low light environments provide challenges for VR presentation. The brain relies on the eye’s rods and cones differently than in higher light situations. Designing realistic immersive virtual reality environments will utilize non-foveal area of the eye, as well as sound queues and memory. This talk will review these issues and discuss how they have been addressed in two Oculus Share apps.’

Oculus Connect 2: Hearing With Our Eyes: Interactive Music for VR

Speakers: Justin Moravetz (ZeroTransform), Jake Kaufman (ZeroTransform)

‘From gameplay to relaxation, music can turn a good experience into a great one. This talk will share techniques on designing VR experiences to sync with music and offer tips and tricks for Unity and Unreal. The talk will dissect Proton Pulse, Pulsar Arena, Vanguard V, and NUREN and discuss how these VR experiences deliver visuals and gameplay that blend seamlessly with pre-recorded audio. Attendees will also get a sneak peek at how music and VR is genuinely helping people in need.’

Oculus Connect 2: Building for the Rift with the Oculus PC SDK

Speaker: Anuj Gosalia (Oculus)

‘The Rift is Oculus’ most immersive platform. This talk will help you understand how to get the most out of the Oculus PC SDK. You’ll learn about the design of the API, how the software stack works, and how to design apps that show the true capabilities of the Rift and Touch.’

Oculus Connect 2: Building Social, Game Services, and Commerce Into your VR Apps

Speaker: Gareth Davis (Oculus)

‘Shared experiences in virtual reality open up a new world of possibilities for interaction, communication, and play. We’ll cover lessons learned during the development of our social VR apps and introduce the new Oculus Platform – a set of services to help developers easily build social, identity, commerce, and more into their Rift and Gear VR apps. We’ll explain how to get started with the Platform SDK and preview the roadmap for what’s coming next.’

Oculus Connect 2: New Techniques for Streaming VR Video

Speaker: David Pio (Facebook)

‘More content creators are filming immersive 360-degree VR video content than ever before. However, VR video today requires high resolutions and high bitrates that stress the limits of video decoders and modern CPUs. These requirements make it challenging to stream high-quality VR video over typical WiFi. We’ll reveal new techniques and transformations you can use to reduce the resources required to stream and decode high-quality VR video for playback on Rift and Gear VR.’

Oculus Connect 2: Game Design Un-Rules: Examining Design Failures in Time Machine VR

Speaker: Patrick Harris (Minority Media)

‘Learnings and design rules. Lessons and best-practices. Countless talks, articles, and books have been written in an attempt to codify design and provide game designers with a rock solid foundation that they can depend on to deliver high-quality experiences. This is not one of those talks. Instead, this talk will offer an honest look at some of the “safe” design decisions that failed spectacularly in Time Machine VR in an attempt to un-learn fundamental design rules in order to make a better game in VR.’

Stay tuned for more coverage on the latest VR news updates, and Oculus Rift developments coming soon.