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Oculus VR News | June 16, 2024

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Oculus Connect 4 Full Schedule and Event Details Available Now

Oculus Connect 4 Full Schedule and Event Details Available Now

Image courtesy of: Oculus


This year’s fourth annual Oculus developer conference (OC4) is less than a week away, and the company has revealed the full event schedule of speakers and presentations to be held throughout the two-day event on October 11th-12th, at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center.

Oculus says OC4 attendees will have access to more than 40+ talks spanning the two-day developer conference where VR developers, content creators, and industry experts will gather to discuss various topics ranging from immersive VR game development and optimization, cinematic storytelling techniques, social VR experiences, tips for navigating publishing pipelines, and much more.

Below are some of the sessions scheduled for this year’s much-anticipated Oculus Connect 4 event:

  • John Carmack’s App Critiques with John Carmack, Chief Technology Officer, Oculus
  • The Three-Year Journey: Lessons Learned in UX Design with Brandon Dillon, Product Manager, Oculus
  • Explore the VR Storytelling Landscape with Colum Slevin, Head of Experiences, Oculus
  • VR Is for Everyone: Improving Accessibility Across the Metaverse with Hannah Gillis, Project Manager, Lucasfilm; Ben Peck, Generalist Engineer, Lucasfilm; Josh Straub, Editor-In-Chief, D.A.G.E.R System
  • From New Project to Social VR in 30 Minutes with John Bartkiw, Head of Development Engineering, Oculus
  • Amplify Your Audience: Multiplatform Development with React VR with Andrew Mo, Product Manager, Oculus; Mike Armstrong, Software Engineer, Oculus; Marcos Carranza, Oculus
  • A Page Out of Gaming’s Playbook: Tips and Tricks to Design Great Multiplayer Experiences in VR with Chad Dezern, Studio Director, Insomniac Games; Jenny Huang, Sanzaru; Ruth Bram Producer, Oculus; Dana Jan, Game Director, Ready At Dawn; John Pearl, Design Director, Gunfire Games
  • 2017 Breakthroughs In Spatial Audio Technologies with Pete Stirling, Audio Tech Lead, Oculus; Tom Smurdon, Audio Content Lead, Oculus
  • The Full 360: Creating High-Quality Immersive Videos with Eric Cheng, Head of Immersive Media, Oculus
  • Optimizing for Immersion with Manuel Kraemer, Senior Developer Technology Engineer, Nvidia
  • Making Content Discoverable: Explore, Events, Search, and More with Shirley Ai, Technical Program Manager, Oculus; Florence Koskas, Product Manager, Oculus
  • Art + Algorithms: Oculus Medium, Data Visualization, and Developing in VR with David Farrell, Oculus
  • Optimizing Graphic Performance: Temporal Foveated Rendering for VR with Guennadi Riguer Fellow, Software Development, AMD
  • What Makes VR Sticky: Data-Driven VR Design with John Cheng, General Manager, Unity Analytics, Unity

For the complete schedule and event details of each session at OC4, you can find all the information on the official Oculus Connect website.