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Oculus VR News | April 17, 2024

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Oculus is Researching Augmented Reality, says Iribe

Oculus is Researching Augmented Reality, says Iribe

Image courtesy of: Oculus


In a recent interview with Develop, Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe revealed the company is researching augmented reality, and will definitely continue to look into AR technology in the future. However, don’t expect Oculus to suddenly release a device similar to Microsoft’s HoloLens in the near term.

According to Iribe, AR hardware technology at the present time is “just not compelling enough for mass-market consumers,” and still has many challenges to overcome before it’s something that is close to consumer-ready.

“We like to focus on consumer products and delivering an incredible consumer product. So much like Steve Jobs talked about a Mac one day in your hand with a radio attached to it in the 80s, and it took a while, I think that we’ll be talking a lot about AR, and the potential of AR, and we’ll see how long it takes for hardware overall to get there,” said Iribe.

When comparing some of the different challenges between VR and AR, Iribe added:

“[In] VR it’s more using it in your own home or office setting, more inside of rooms, less about running across the street wearing your VR glasses. That isn’t the challenge VR has to overcome to be successful. Whereas with AR, that is the challenge. AR needs to get it to a point where it works as well as our glasses, and that it’s our replacing our glasses or somehow sitting over top without it being too cyborg-like, so we’re not too conscious of it.”

While it is exciting to know Oculus is looking into the potential of augmented reality technology, for now, the company’s main focus is all on virtual reality, and on delivering the best VR experience possible with its highly-anticipated consumer release of the Oculus Rift set for early 2016. No official price has been announced yet, but reports suggest the Rift will likely cost over $350.