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Oculus VR News | April 17, 2024

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Oculus Scores Even More Funding for Oculus Rift - $75M to Be Exact

Oculus Scores Even More Funding for Oculus Rift – $75M to Be Exact

Image courtesy of: Oculus

Staff Writer

As if Oculus VR hadn’t already gotten enough funding, with their $16 million in Section A funding, and the $2.4 million made with their initial Kickstarter campaign. Now, they have received even more funding for Oculus Rift, and have over $75 million to work towards creating the most innovative VR product in gaming history.

How Far Has Oculus Come Over the Past Year and a Half?

They were first founded back in 2009 and were funded by angel investors- Ben Horowitz, and Marc Andreessen. They have helped to support the growth of many of the common technological companies that have made a big impact on today’s society. Some of their biggest accomplishments include Facebook, Skype, and Twitter. They have a good track record, as you can clearly see.

Brendan Iribe, the CEO of Oculus VR states: “Over the past 16 months, we’ve grown from a startup to a company whose technology is poised to change the way we play, work and communicate. 40,000 developers and enthusiasts, as well as a number of great partners, have joined our cause and helped us bring the seemingly impossible to life. This additional infusion of capital, as well as the leadership and experience of Marc and Chris, will help us take the final steps toward our ultimate goal: making virtual reality something consumers everywhere can enjoy.”

It is easy to see that this new funding is going to really be beneficial to Oculus VR when it comes to getting its product ready to hit the market.

Funding for Oculus Rift in Relation to the Initial Goal?

When you take a look at just how far Oculus has come over the past couple of years, you will see that its initial funding goal was only a mere $250,000. They were able to reach this goal within just a couple of hours, and have now multiplied it by 300 times! That really is impressive, so what is it that has got so many people pumped up?

A Closer Look at the Oculus Rift

Now, let us take a closer look at what the Oculus Rift is going to offer. It is part of the next generation of gaming consoles, but it is part of the virtual reality gaming industry. It is a lot different than the rest of the gaming systems out there, like the new Xbox One and Playstation 4. And it’s clearly, on a path to making a major impact in the gaming industry, as a VR innovation leader and trendsetter. The Oculus Rift will give the players the ability to feel like they are walking around inside of the game, rather than an outsider looking in. With technology finally catching up with the vision had for the true VR experience, it looks like it’s going to really change the way that people play games, and connect within them.