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Oculus VR News | July 22, 2024

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Oculus Rolls Out Rift 1.20 Software Update, Adds Dynamic Bundle Pricing

Oculus Rolls Out Rift 1.20 Software Update, Adds Dynamic Bundle Pricing

Image courtesy of: Oculus


Oculus has begun rolling out its latest 1.20 software update for the Rift, which adds a new dynamic pricing feature to content bundles on the Oculus Store, as well as fixes a few bugs and improves upon some known issues.

Oculus’ new dynamic pricing included in the new Rift 1.20 update is a much-welcomed feature that aims to encourage more users to take advantage of promotional bundle sales that appear in the Oculus Store. Now, with dynamic pricing, if a bundle includes a game or application that a user already owns, then they will receive an additional discount that is automatically applied to the bundle price based on the value of the already owned content.

In addition, the Rift 1.20 update fixes issues surrounding the latest Nvidia 780Ti and Titan graphics card drivers, along with a sensor issue with the Oculus USB drivers and some minor bugs while attempting to use demo mode.

Oculus has recently been pushing incremental software updates to its platform as the team focuses on delivering its biggest update yet with the upcoming release of the new Dash and Home UI as part of Rift Core 2.0 in December.

Here’s a full look at the official release notes for the Rift 1.20 update, provided by Oculus.


Oculus Store:

  • Dynamic Bundle Pricing. If you’ve already bought any of the apps in a bundle, your bundle price will be updated with an additional discount to account for the value of the apps you already own. Your personalized bundle price will always appear in the Oculus Store automatically.


  • Fixed graphics issues related to recent Nvidia driver updates for GTX 780Ti and Titan Black graphics cards.
  • Fixed sensor issue with Oculus USB drivers becoming unavailable.
  • Fixed display and navigation issues with demo mode.
  • We now show a notification if you don’t have enough free space on your hard drive to update the Oculus software.