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Oculus VR News | July 16, 2024

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Best Buy In-Store Demos of Samsung Gear VR starting Feb. 8th

Best Buy In-Store Demo of Samsung Gear VR starting Feb. 8th

Image courtesy of: Samsung


Best Buy recently began selling the Samsung Gear VR ‘Innovator Edition’ for $199.99 online through its retail website—but now, it seems Best Buy and Samsung are teaming up to bring the mobile VR experience even closer to consumers.

According to Sammobile, Best Buy will make the Gear VR available to consumers in-store starting Feb. 8th, across 100 selected retail stores nationwide in the US.

Consumers will be able to walk into any participating Best Buy retail location and experience a hands-on Samsung Gear VR demonstration.

Four Gear VR demos will be made available to consumers to experience:

  • Milk VR: The user will be able to choose a video to watch
  • TheBlu: If the user wants a game-like experience
  • Transformers: If the user wants to experience a movie in virtual reality
  • 360 Photos: Simply because 360-degree pictures are awesome

If you are eager to try out the Samsung Gear VR, now is a good time to find a demo available at your nearest participating Best Buy retail store.