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Oculus VR News | July 22, 2024

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Facebook Connect Developer Sessions & Lightning Talk Videos – Part 1

Facebook Connect Developer Sessions & Lightning Talk Videos Online

Image courtesy of: Facebook


Earlier last week, Oculus’ annual AR/VR developer conference, now known as Facebook Connect, took place for the first time entirely online this year and featured more than 15+ developer sessions and over 35+ speakers discussing all the latest innovative concepts, techniques, and groundbreaking solutions to help push the AR/VR industry forward.

In case you missed this year’s annual Facebook Connect AR/VR conference, you can watch the uploaded developer session videos and a series of lightning talks from the event here below:

Facebook Connect: Opening Keynote 2020

Session Type: Keynote Moments

Facebook Connect: John Carmack Live & Unscripted

Speakers: John Carmack – Consulting CTO, FRL (Facebook)

Session Type: Keynote Moments

Developer Super Session

Speakers: Kristoffer Benjaminsson – CTO & Co-Founder (Fast Travel Games), David Borel – Engineering Manager FRL (Facebook), Kasey Galang – Head of Ecosystem FRL (Facebook), Shira Gordon – Product Design Manager FRL (Facebook), Tom Langan – Product Manager FRL (Facebook), Leigh Momii – Developer Strategy FRL (Facebook), Chris Pruett – Director of Content Ecosystem FRL (Facebook)

Session Type: Developer Sessions

‘Calling all AR/VR developers! Join Oculus leads at this year’s developer super session for a complete look at all the new and recent developer solutions launching including new development tools, improvements to integrations, and so much more – in addition to starting you off successfully for the rest of Facebook Connect.’

The State of Social Impact VR

Speakers: Amy Seidenwurm – Executive Producer FRL (Facebook), Sandra Bialystok – Producer (Home After War), Alton Glass – Co-Founder (GRX Immersive Labs), Celine Tricart – Founder & Chief Creative Officer (Lucid Dreams Productions)

Session Type: Developer Sessions

‘Creators of three highly influential social impact VR experiences will discuss accomplishments and challenges as well as what success looks like to them.’

Creating Live Performances in Social VR

Speakers: Sarah Malkin – Head of Media Programming FRL (Facebook), Nate Barsetti – Media Planning & Operations Lead FRL (Facebook), Samantha Gorman – Co-Director (Tender Claw), Katie Kelly – Program Owner (AltSpaceVR)

Session Type: Developer Sessions

‘Live events in VR are more important now than ever, and many options exist for performers, creators and developers. Learn about the formats and platforms available to bring engaging and exciting live performances to the VR audience.’

VR Storytelling: A Magical New Format

Speakers: Goro Fujita – Art Director FRL (Facebook)

Session Type: Lighting Talks

‘Storytelling has been around from the time man first painted on a cave wall and has evolved into different formats ever since. Today, VR emerges as a new form of storytelling for creators. Goro Fujita shares his experience in this new format and will create in real-time, showing how he uses VR animation and illustration tool, Quill, to bring ideas to life.’

New Frontiers with Unity’s XR Platform

Speakers: Neel Bedekar – Software Engineer FRL (Facebook), J.J. Hoesing – Senior Software Engineer (Unity Technologies)

Session Type: Developer Sessions

‘Come learn about the latest advances in Quest development with Unity in this joint talk with Oculus and Unity engineers. Specifically, we’ll be covering Vulkan API, the XR Plugin system, development iteration time improvements, and the Universal Render Pipeline.’

New Ways to Prepare, Promote & Monetize

Speakers: Raisah Aziz – Product Manager FRL (Facebook), Giselle Gomez – Developer Support Engineer FRL (Facebook), Greg Smith – Product Manager FRL (Facebook)

Session Type: Developer Sessions

‘From test groups to play testing, join us as we help you maximize user experience and talk through promotional opportunities with an eye on helping customers feel immersed in your game using Mixed Reality Capture and more. Also learn about new marketing tools, ways to monetize your apps and new distribution paths (that won’t need Store approval!)’

Introducing the Oculus Developer Hub

Speakers: Spencer Miller – Software Engineer FRL (Facebook), Peter Wilkins – Software Engineering Manager FRL (Facebook)

Session Type: Lighting Talks

‘Announcing the next generation of development tools for Oculus! In this talk we’re introducing the brand-new Oculus Developer Hub and covering the many ways it can accelerate your workflow.’

New World of Possibilities with Unreal and Oculus

Speakers: Joe Kirchoff – Software Engineer FRL (Facebook), Steve Smith – XR Lead (Epic Games)

Session Type: Developer Sessions

‘In this session, you’ll learn all about major improvements to Oculus integrations for UE4 from Oculus and Epic Games engineers. Some topics to be covered include iteration time improvements, new sample code, and a sneak peek into the future of the Unreal Editor.’

Productivity, Super-Powered by VR

Speakers: Isabel Tewes – Product Manager FRL (Facebook), Kimberly Unger – Content Sourcing Lead FRL (Facebook)

Session Type: Developer Sessions

‘The ultimate goal for VR is fully immersive computing in the round. In this talk, we will cover the ways VR is supercharging people’s productivity at home and at work. We will talk about the virtuous cycle between enterprise and consumer productivity, and what the Oculus Store and Oculus for Business offer today. Don’t miss a sneak peek into new tools that will help turbocharge this trend in the future.’

Avatars and Platform SDK: Presence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Speakers: Mike Howard – Product Manager (Facebook), Jewel Lim – Product Manager for Avatar SDK (Facebook)

Session Type: Developer Sessions

‘VR provides a unique medium for people to connect, defying distance and being present with friends, family and their community. We’ll walk through updates to the Oculus social platform, including new tools to help people connect in apps and new ways to unlock personalized and engaging social presences.’

Big in Japan: Best Practices for Japanese Developers

Speakers: Ryo Ikeda – Head of Japan & Korea Developer Strategy FRL (Facebook)

Session Type: Lightning Talks

‘こちらのセッションは日本語(英語字幕)で配信され、今後の日本市場のへのアプローチ、課題、改善案等について話します。その他、日本の開発会社様向けのベストプラクティスとなります。| This talk, delivered in Japanese, is an overview of our approach to the Japanese market and contains best practices to maximize the success of Japanese developers.’

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