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Oculus VR News | July 16, 2024

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Facebook Connect Developer Sessions & Lightning Talk Videos – Part 2

Facebook Connect Developer Sessions & Lightning Talk Videos Online

Image courtesy of: Facebook


Oculus annual developer conference, now known as Facebook Connect, took place last week as the company’s first fully digital AR/VR event, featuring more than 35+ speakers and over 15+ developer sessions covering a wide range of AR/VR topics, concepts, and innovative solutions.

In case you missed this year’s Facebook Connect conference, you can watch the uploaded developer sessions and lightning talk videos from the event here below: See also: Facebook Connect Developer Sessions & Talks – Part 1

Decisions, Decisions: PC VR or All-in-one

Speakers: Bruce Wooden – Content Launch Manager FRL (Facebook)

Session Type: Lighting Talks

‘The Oculus ecosystem is growing and changing in many exciting ways. As a developer, these ecosystem changes have likely generated questions about the decisions you should make to set you and your team up for success. In this lightning talk, Bruce Wooden will discuss publishing options and opportunities within the Oculus ecosystem.’

The Future of Web in VR for Work & Play

Speakers: Jacob Rossi – Product Manager FRL (Facebook)

Session Type: Lighting Talks

‘This year, Oculus Browser has taken steps from being a lightweight mobile browser toward being a multi-tasking, desktop-class powerhouse. With access to the same sites you browse on a classic computer plus new immersive ones powered by WebXR, the infinite office of VR will allow you to work and play like you’ve never done before.’

Diverse Voices: Increasing Diversity and Accessibility in Development

Speakers: Richard Duck – Content Launch Manager (Facebook), Josh Boykin – Founder (Intelligame), Hessvacio Hassan – Co-Founder & Lead Developer (Made in Brooklyn Games), Mari Kyle – Content Launch Manager (Facebook)

Session Type: Developer Sessions

‘Focusing on diversity and accessibility opens pathways for you, the developer, to create more inclusive worlds and experiences. Our panel will discuss best practices, considerations, community, and guidelines to help you expand your potential audience – enabling you to move forward with these considerations in mind during development.’

Designing Live Media Experiences for Social VR

Speakers: Osebo Akhigbe – Product Designer FRL (Facebook)

Session Type: Lighting Talks

‘Experiencing media together virtually has been most important now more than ever. Learn how to approach designing media experiences for social VR that help people connect across distances.’

Onward! Porting from PC VR to Quest

Speakers: Cristiano Ferreira – Developer Relations Engineer FRL (Facebook), Dante Buckley – Founder (Downpour Interactive), Storm Griffith – Lead Level Designer (Downpour Interactive), Brian Provan – Lead Programmer (Downpour Interactive)

Session Type: Developer Sessions

‘The road to a proper port of Onward was not paved with sunshine and rainbows. Creating a standalone VR port from games initially targeting PC is never easy. With levels not being designed around standalone VR, VoIP, numerous players/bots animating / skinning and having to update & render at 72 fps we were in for a world of hurt. What we came out with was Onward at its core with some minimal cuts. Check out this session to learn how Downpour interactive decided what was required, how they hit performance and ultimately shipped a hugely successful port.’

Building Your Community of Superusers

Speakers: Lisa Kotecki – Community Experience Manager FRL (Facebook)

Session Type: Lighting Talks

‘The holy grail of a social or gaming application is a thriving and healthy community. Your idea or your application is only as strong as the community you can build around it. In this talk we’ll walk you through some of the foundational pieces of intentionally building your community, and some of the tools available in the Oculus toolkit to support you with enabling and fostering community connections and supporting your super users.’

State of the Art GPU Profiling on Quest

Speakers: Remi Palandri – Software Engineer FRL (Facebook)

Session Type: Lighting Talks

‘How to use existing and new tools to gain a better understanding of application GPU performance, the various ways the applications and the system interact with each other, and how to optimize your apps to the next level.’

How Developers and ISVs are Accelerating VR Adoption in the Enterprise

Speakers: Claudia Backus – Head of Enterprise & Productivity Partnerships FRL (Facebook), Justin Barad – Founder & CEO (OssoVR), Kyle Jackson – CEO (Talespin), Jacob Loewenstein – Head of Business (Spatial)

Session Type: Developer Sessions

‘In this session we will discuss the trends we are seeing in the rapid transformation and evolution of the developer ecosystem which is accelerating adoption of VR in enterprise. We will share our learnings from the Oculus ISV Program and invite a panel of 3 of our ISV partners to share their experiences and provide their perspective based on their use cases and business models.’

Extending Reality with Spark AR

Speakers: Sue Young – Director of Product Management FRL (Facebook)

Session Type: Lighting Talks

‘When the world’s your canvas—what will you create? Join Sue Young, Spark AR product director, to learn more about Facebook’s growing mobile AR platform. We’ll cover Spark AR’s latest features and new capabilities designed to unlock a wider range of expression and engagement for creators across the Facebook family of apps and devices.’

Enabling Influencers and Sharing

Speakers: Greg Smith – Product Manager FRL (Facebook)

Session Type: Lighting Talks

‘VR is best experienced while wearing a headset. But for many users, their first experience is watching someone else in VR on a 2D surface, either in person or online. We’ll discuss how to make your game more watchable and attractive to users on these surfaces with Casting and Mixed Reality Capture. We’ll also share best practices to empower influencers to create content around your game. Finally, we’ll discuss some new announcements around turning users into promoters of your game or app.’

Securing Your Content

Speakers: Shaheen Gandhi – Software Engineer FRL (Facebook)

Session Type: Lighting Talks

‘Learn the steps you should take to secure your content against abuse.’

Come to Your Senses: Synesthesia in VR

Speakers: Tetsuya Mizuguchi – Founder & CEO (Enhance),

Session Type: Developer Sessions

‘Seen through Enhance’s work in Rez Infinite and Tetris Effect, we discuss our unique synesthesia driven design approach in virtual reality and how we engage the human sensory system by architecting experiences that achieve flow state. This session will be presented in Japanese with English subtitles. | Tetris Effect、Rez Infiniteを通じて、我々エンハンスがVR作品を作る際に大事にしている共感覚的な体験づくり、ゾーンとフローのメカニズムについてお話します。 このセッションは日本語で進行、英語字幕付きになります。’

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