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Oculus VR News | April 21, 2024

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'Horizon Workrooms' Will Let You Customize Your Work Environment

'Horizon Workrooms' Will Let You Customize Your Work Environment

Image courtesy of: Facebook


At Facebook Connect 2021, the company announced several new features focused on business and remote work collaboration. Along with the new Horizon Home workplace environment, the company announced that Horizon Workrooms will let users customize their workspace to fit their corporate style.

Later this year, Facebook will introduce a variety of environments to choose from for Workrooms, including the ability to add custom logos and images, whether it’s a custom poster on the wall of a company team photo or some motivational quotes to help boost morale and get work done. With customization, users will be able to “adapt their virtual workspace to match individual company styles, culture, and branding guidelines,” the company says.

Horizon Workrooms first launched back in August, allowing teams to meet in a virtual environment and collaborate remotely with a sense of presence as if everyone is physically in one room. Since then, Workrooms support for remote work collaboration expanded by teaming up with the popular video-conferencing platform Zoom, which enables users to join Zoom Meetings and use Zoom Whiteboard right from within virtual reality.

In addition, Facebook also continues to enhance ways to offer enterprises and businesses a simple, cost-effective way to embrace VR in the workplace with its revamped Quest for Business program. The company says it plans to release dedicated ‘Work Accounts,’ a new business-only login feature that allows partners to access company assets and information using standard consumer Quest hardware. The new-and-improved Quest for Business program, slated to launch in 2023, will also offer a suite of features and platform tools to enable work, such as account management, SSO integration, mobile device management (MDM) solutions, and more.