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Oculus VR News | April 17, 2024

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Instagram's Director of Product Peter Deng Joins Oculus

Instagram's Director of Product Peter Deng Joins Oculus

Image courtesy of: Instagram


Oculus VR is welcoming a new addition to its team of experienced talent, this time coming from its parent company, Facebook, and its popular photo-sharing platform, Instagram. Peter X. Deng, who has served as the Director of Product of Instagram since August 2013, will be leaving to begin his new role as the Head of Product Management at Oculus.

Deng has a long history of working in the tech industry not only at Facebook for several years, but also at Microsoft, and Google as well. Now, as Deng prepares to embark on his new journey at Oculus, he is ready to take on something new and exciting.

“There are very few companies that have the opportunity to define the future of how we interact with each other and with the world,” Deng wrote in a Facebook post. “I feel fortunate to be joining such a passionate and talented team dedicated to bringing immersive new experiences in VR to reality.”

“There are many exciting challenges ahead: innovating across hardware and software, defining new UI/UX paradigms, enabling a powerful platform for developers and users, and helping to mentor and grow a team of talented product managers. I’m excited to take on something so different, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn from the amazing team at Oculus.”

The move adds to an already incredible, and well-established team of industry leaders at Oculus that are focused on delivering the absolute best consumer VR product, and experience possible on any platform. It’s going to be quite an exciting journey to see how far virtual reality will go in the years to come.