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Oculus VR News | May 25, 2024

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Oculus Connect 3 Developer Session Videos Now Online - Part 3

Oculus Connect 3 Developer Session Videos Now Online - Part 3

Image courtesy of: Oculus


Earlier this month during Oculus Connect 3 developer conference nearly 3,000 developers, engineers, designers, and industry experts from around the world attended the three-day event to collaborate and share their innovative ideas towards a common goal that will help push the Oculus platform and VR industry forward to the next level.

Recently, Oculus released a series of developer session videos online from OC3 that are worth watching for anyone interested in learning and developing immersive virtual reality content. See also: Oculus Connect 3 Developer Sessions – Part 1, Part 2

Under the Hood of the Rift SDK: Building for Touch

Speakers: Paul Pedriana – Graphics Engineering Manager (Oculus)

Get a closer look at the new features coming to the Rift SDK that make it easy for developers to build for Touch and integrate hand presence into their VR experiences. The engineers behind the Rift SDK will offer to give a peek under the hood at the Rift graphics runtime and provide technical guides to building high-performance applications for Rift.

Designing Touch

Speakers: Peter Bristol – Industrial Design Director (Oculus)

This discussion will cover some of the explorations, challenges, and findings from the design and development of the Touch controllers. There will also be a handful of the Touch team available for Q and A.

Beyond gaming and film Bringing Experiences to VR

Speakers: Colum Slevin – Head of Experiences (Oculus), Arnaud Colinart – Producer (Notes On Blindness), Evelyn Miralles – Engineer (NASA), Barnaby Steele – Creative Director (Marshmallow Laser Feast)

Virtual reality content has evolved rapidly during the first year of consumer VR, giving people many opportunities to experience the medium’s power beyond gaming. We’ve seen everything from compelling 360 video flying over waterfalls to an interactive experience that shows us what it’s like to be blind. Hear from distinguished creators as they share how they make unique, boundary-pushing experiences for VR.

Social VR: A conversation with Mike Booth

Speakers: Mike Booth – Product Manager / Social VR (Facebook)

Building an authentic social environment in VR is a challenge that’s largely unsolved. Join seasoned game designer Mike Booth as he shares what he’s learned at Facebook about discovering, iterating, and learning what it takes to create natural feeling social experiences in VR.

Bring Your 360 Videos to Life with Spatial Audio

Speakers: Varun Nair – 360 Audio Technical Lead (Facebook), Will Littlejohn – Sound Design Director (Facebook), Kevin Bolen – Audio Designer (Skywalker Sound), Jean-Pascal Beaudoin – Head of Sound / Director of Sound Technology (Headspace Studio / Félix & Paul Studios), Viktor Phoenix – Sound Supervisor/Senior Technical Sound Designer (Technicolor Creative Service)

This two-part session starts by covering the spatial audio pipeline for 360 video, followed by an interactive conversation with the world’s leading experts in audio design, including engineers from Skywalker Sound, Felix & Paul, and Technicolor.

Building a Content Ecosystem for Customers and Developers

Speakers: Dan Morris – Head of Digital Store (Oculus)

A discussion about the philosophies and operation of the Oculus Store. What we’ve learned and how we’re expecting to work over the coming years. We will touch on subjects like: How do we decide on which applications to take? How do we market? And what applications perform the best and why? Particularly, we will frame these questions from the perspective of both developers and customers.

Going Cross-Platform: Taking Your VR Game from PC to Mobile

Speakers: David Yee – Game Producer (Oculus), Micah Skaritka – Lead Designer (High Voltage), Michael Austin – CTO (Hidden Path), Jeff Pobst – CEO (Hidden Path), Anthony Glueck – VP of Software Development (High Voltage)

In this panel, you’ll learn about the techniques and tools developers use to bring exceptional PC-quality experiences to mobile VR devices. Developers will share how they’ve created cross-platform games that work on both Rift and Gear VR, including discussions around UI, input, and performance.

360 Video, Live Action and Rendered: Tips from the Trenches

Speakers: Eugene Wei – Head of Video (Oculus), Maxwell Planck – Engineering Lead (Oculus Story Studio), Ola Björling – Global Director of VR (MediaMonks), Brian Cabral – Director of Engineering (Facebook), Joseph Chen – Executive Technical Producer (Here Be Dragons)

In VR, technology and creative go hand in hand—without the tech, creative ideas wouldn’t be realized. In this session, you’ll hear from the unsung heroes that help make it possible for creative visions to flourish in VR. Whether you’re working on a 360 video or real-time rendered content, the tips covered here can help streamline production, raise the quality of your content, and make tech easier to use.

Stay tuned to OVRnews for more coverage on the latest Oculus news and updates, as it develops.