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Oculus VR News | July 22, 2024

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Oculus Connect 6 Developer Session Videos Now Online – Part 1

Oculus Connect 6 Developer Session Videos Now Online

Image courtesy of: Oculus


Earlier this week developers and VR enthusiasts from around the world gathered at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center in California, for Oculus’ sixth annual Oculus Connect developer conference (OC6), where more than 40 talks and deep-dive sessions took place to share the latest ideas and innovations to help push the AR/VR industry forward.

If you didn’t get a chance to attend this year’s Oculus Connect developer conference, don’t worry, the Oculus team has released a series of developer session videos from the two-day event to watch online, check them out below.

Oculus Connect 6: Opening Keynote

Oculus Connect 6: John Carmack Unscripted Keynote

Oculus Link for Quest

Speakers: Behnam Bastani – Lead Systems Architect (Facebook), Reza Nourai – Graphics Architect (Facebook), Zachariah Reiner – Product Manager (Facebook)

‘A deeper presentation into the work that went into bringing Remote Rendering to life for Quest from a product and technical standpoint.’

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Success on the Oculus Store

Speakers: Bruce Wooden | Moderator – Content Launch Manager (Facebook), Chris Pruett – Director of Content Ecosystem (Facebook), Lisa Brewster – Oculus Store Manager (Facebook), Richard Duck – Store Operations Manager (Facebook), Mari Kyle -Content Launch Manager (Facebook)

‘Oculus has three flagship VR headsets: Oculus Go, Rift S, and Quest. Each platform differs not only in terms of technical capability, but also the type of content players engage in as well as player expectations for quality. This session aims to shine more light on store curation decisions made by Oculus, where your title may fit best, and what to do if your app doesn’t make the cut on the first try.’

Oculus for Business: Scalable, Professional, Reliable

Speakers: Isabel Tewes – Product Manager (Facebook), Matt Terrell – Product Manager (Facebook)

‘Enterprise VR continues to make waves and prove results as innovative companies leverage the technology for training, collaboration, design, and much more. The logistics of scaling this powerful tech can be daunting, but our solution can help. Join the Enterprise product team as they give you a first look at Oculus for Business, which will help companies deploy VR in a new professional, more secure, and scalable way.’

From WebVR to WebXR: The Next Generation of VR Experiences on the Web

Speakers: Jacob Rossi – Product Manager (Facebook), Brian Peiris – Senior Software Engineer (Mozilla)

‘This year, Oculus will launch support for WebXR, the new standard for building VR and AR experiences on the web that’s intended to replace WebVR. In this session, we’ll cover the latest innovations from Oculus for VR web experiences and the basics of transitioning from WebVR to WebXR.’

Spark AR for Places and Things

Speakers: Campbell Orme – Product Designer (Facebook)

‘In this session, you’ll see different ways you can build AR experiences that are connected to real-world locations, environments, or objects.’

Beat Saber: Creating a Winning Rhythm

Speakers: Deborah Guzman Barrios | Moderator – Developer Strategy (Facebook), Trevor Dasch – Developer Relations Engineering (Facebook), Ján Ilavský – Designer (Beat Games), Vladimír Hrinčár – CEO (Beat Games)

‘Dive into the history behind Beat Saber’s creation and hear from the Beat Games team as they share the lessons learned from building, launching, and iterating on one of VR’s more popular titles.’

Classrooms and Case Studies: VR in Education

Speakers: Cindy Ball | Moderator – AR/VR Policy Manager (Facebook), Hassan Karaouni – Head of EdMod Labs (Facebook), Renate Fruchter – Director (Stanford PBL Lab), Laura McGinty – Science Teacher (Seattle Public Schools), Dan Roy – Research Scientist | Lead Game Designer (MIT Education Arcade)

‘Hear from researchers, educators, and developers from MIT, Stanford, and Seattle Public Schools as they share their experiences, benefits and challenges with VR in the classroom, and talk about their visions for the future.’

A New Architecture: Unity XR Platform

Speakers: Neel Bedekar – Software Engineer (Facebook), J.J. Hoesing – Senior XR Engineer (Unity)

‘Unity developed a new architecture that improves how we support current and future developments at Oculus. Learn about the technology under the hood, the resulting benefits and improvements, and how to upgrade your project to take advantage of this new architecture.’

Supercharging Your Creativity with VR

Speakers: Lilli Thompson – Product Manager (Facebook), Kelli Townley – Executive Producer (Facebook)

‘Whether you’re a sculptor, game artist, filmmaker, prototyper, or illustrator, VR has a tool for you! Come learn how artists of all kinds are using VR tools to streamline their workflows and bring their creations to life.’

Transforming Corporate Training with VR

Speakers: Manal Houri | Moderator – Digital Transformation Manager (Facebook), Amy Lou Abernethy – President and Chief Learning Strategist (AMP Creative), Hugo Avila – Global Head Digital Experience (Novartis), Kyle Jackson – CEO (Talespin), Nick Rosa – Global Lead for Immersive Training (Accenture)

‘VR is gaining momentum as more and more companies reimagine what the power of immersive technologies can bring to the world of learning and development. Hear from leaders in the space who are leveraging the compelling capabilities of VR to build impactful learning experiences, deploying this new learning modality within large companies, and helping establish new design and development approaches to building scalable learning solutions.’

Partner Spotlight: Made for St. Jude “Hall of Heroes” VR Project

Speakers: Paula Cuneo | Moderator – Event, Experience, and Community Marketing Director (Facebook), Lou Griffith – Lead Architect Experiences (St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital – ALSAC), Taylor Williams – Executive Producer (Flight School Studio), Crystal Rix – Global Chief Marketing Officer (BBDO)

‘Made for St. Jude is an exploration of the creative potential of VR to drive change in our world. Through the “Hall of Heroes” experience, stories of children’s bravery will be celebrated in the epic form they deserve. Patients and artists have partnered to create twelve superhero characters and in VR, visitors will be able to wander among a living garden of statues, gain inspiration, and support the children of St. Jude. Learn more about the year-long exploration of creativity, technology, and bravery with our friends from Flight School Studio and St. Jude.’

Bridge Virtual and Real Worlds with AR

Speakers: Matt Hanson – Spark AR Product Design Manager (Facebook), Kane Lee – Head of Content (Baobab Studios), Christina Lee Storm – VP of Emerging Technology & Strategy (DreamWorks Animation), Dan Moller – AR Prototyper (Facebook)

‘Learn different ways you can build AR experiences that are connected to real-world locations, environments, or objects. From bringing a game character into the real world to transforming the everyday environment into a scene from your game, attendees will review a mix of Spark AR-enabled activations and how these executions can unlock value for businesses and consumers.’

From Demo to Pilot to Development: Getting Buy-in for Enterprise VR

Speakers: Tina Tran | Moderator – Developer Partnerships (Facebook), Blaire Bhojwani – Sr. Director Learning Innovation (Hilton Hotels), Daniel Eckert – Managing Director (PwC), John-Carlos Lozano – Chief Creative Officer (SweetRush), Rich Wang – Head of Customer Success (STRIVR)

‘A panel of leading enterprise VR developers will share their experiences and tips on the path from demo to pilot to deployment. The panelists will discuss the importance of providing compelling demos to stand out and gain traction with potential customers, and identifying learning objectives and key success metrics to measure to convert VR pilots into larger VR deployments within an org.’

Creators and Consumers: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Speakers: Colum Slevin – Head of Media (Facebook)

‘Creating a two-sided market for storytellers and their audiences is a long-term goal. Learn how the Facebook AR/VR team is working to build a path to this future.’

Using Vulkan for Mobile VR

Speakers: Rémi Palandri – Software Engineer (Facebook), Kevin Xiao – Software Engineer (Facebook)

‘Learn how to effectively use Vulkan to render mobile VR scenes with performance. This talk will provide learnings and best practices for VR-specific Vulkan features such as FFR, Multiview and MSAA’

Designing for Delight in Social VR: Fireside Chat with Max Weisel

Speakers: Yelena Rachitsky – Executive Producer (Facebook), Max Weisel – Founder (Normal)

‘When designing for Social VR, it is important to create a positive experience for everyone. Given the variables that come with bringing strangers together with friends, how do you design with those challenges in mind? Join Max Weisel, Founder of Normal, will break down how to design for joy, delight and silliness, as well as create interactions that inspire meaningful connections between everyone.’

For more coverage on the latest Oculus news and updates, keep checking back with OVRnews. Stay tuned!