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Oculus VR News | April 21, 2024

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Oculus Introduces 'Free to Try' Promo Feature with Defense Grid 2

Oculus Introduces 'Free to Try' Promo Feature with Defense Grid 2

Image courtesy of: Hidden Path Entertainment


Last week, Oculus announced that the highly popular tower defense title Defense Grid 2, developed by Hidden Path Entertainment, is the first game to receive the newly rolled out ‘Free to Try’ feature in the Oculus Store for both the Rift and Gear VR.

Unlike regular demos, which are stand-alone portions of the game designed to only give you a taste but do not provide the full experience, ‘Free to Try’ allows you to actually download and play the complete version of the game, but with access available to only part of it unless you decide to pay. For example, as with Defense Grid 2, you’ll be able to play through the entire first chapter of the game before purchasing it to unlock the additional five chapters of content.

“The free-to-try approach was something new for both us and Oculus, and we’re excited to see how people are responding,” said Hidden Path CEO Jeff Pobst in a blog post. “We figure if we give people a good amount of content to enjoy for free, then they can decide to purchase the game and continue playing with actual information on how much they already enjoy it. That makes their purchase much more informed,” he added.

We look forward to other developers eventually implementing the ‘Free to Try’ promo feature to their games on the Oculus Store to allow players a chance to really experience what the game is like before they buy and see if it’s worthy to add to their gaming collection. For more information about Defense Grid 2 click here.