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Oculus VR News | April 16, 2024

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Oculus Link Now Supports Nearly Any USB Cable

Oculus Link Now Supports Nearly Any USB Cable

Image courtesy of: Oculus


For some months now, Oculus Quest users have been able to connect their standalone headset to a gaming PC to gain improved performance and access high-end VR content with the Oculus Link feature, which rolled out in beta late last year. Initially, this feature only supported a “high quality” USB 3.0 cable, such as the official Oculus Link cable available for $79, but thanks to a new software update to the Rift Public Test Channel, you can use now a wide variety of USB 2.0 cables, including the USB charging cable that comes in the box with every Oculus Quest, as noted by UploadVR.

For those interested to try out the new USB 2.0 Link feature right now, simply launch the official Oculus desktop app on your PC, navigate to the ‘Beta’ tab located in the settings menu, and opt-in to the ‘Public Test Channel’.

It’s worth noting that Oculus recommends that you still use a USB 3.0 cable to get the best possible results when connecting your Quest headset to a gaming PC. However, if you plan to use the USB 2.0 cable included with Quest for Oculus Link, keep in mind that it’s only about 10 feet (3 meters) long, so you may want to upgrade to a longer USB 3.0 cable to ensure you have enough cable length with higher bandwidth for an optimal VR experience.