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Oculus VR News | July 16, 2024

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Oculus 'Medium' 1.2 Update Let's You Sculpt with Friends in VR

Oculus 'Medium' 1.2 Update Let's You Sculpt with Friends in VR

Image courtesy of: Oculus


Oculus’ intuitive creative tool Medium which allows users to create sculpts, models, and all kinds of immersive artwork in virtual reality is getting social thanks to a new update.

Now, with the recently announced 1.2 version update of Medium, you and a friend will be able to create and collaborate together on each other’s works of art in real-time on Oculus Medium. While you won’t be able to sculpt on the same model together in this current update, you will be able to see what each other is creating and communicate together from within the app. This adds an entirely new level of social interaction to VR sculpting and offers a unique way to share your creative skills and feedback with others throughout the creation process.

Oculus is also introducing a number of new tools to Medium that will make the sculpting process in VR even easier:

  • Move Tool—Grab and adjust parts of your sculpt without sacrificing fine detail.
  • Reference Meshes—Import 3D meshes for reference or use our preloaded samples.
  • Color Picker Eyedropper and Palettes—Use the eyedropper to select the exact color you want from a reference image, and explore our new color palettes.
  • Manipulators—Rotate and scale objects and layers precisely along axes.
  • Sculpt Origin—Set your sculpt’s position, orientation, and size for consistent exporting.

Oculus Medium is a free VR sculpting application that is available to download for free to all Oculus Touch owners.