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Oculus VR News | June 16, 2024

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Oculus Mobile VR Jam 2015 Winners Announced

Oculus Mobile VR Jam 2015 Winners Announced

Image courtesy of: Oculus


Today, Oculus announced the winners of the Mobile VR Jam 2015. With more than 1,000 developers from around the world participating, and over 300 entries competing for a chance to win $1,000,000 in cash prizes, a total of 27 winners divided among two category tracks—Games, and App/Experiences—were officially declared victorious.


SteamCrew VR

The biggest prize of $200,000 in the Games category goes to SteamCrew VR from developer Aurelien Kerbeci. The game is described as a “Steampunk-themed, arcade cooperative submarine game” that immerses two players to work together to explore for treasure, hunt, and survive. “It’s a hilariously good time that highlights just how great VR can be when immersed in a new world with friends,” said Oculus.


The Night Cafe: An Immersive Tribute to Vincent van Gogh

Top prize of $100,000 in App/Experiences category was The Night Cafe from developer Mac Cauley. The immersive VR experience allows users to explore the inspired world of Vincent van Gogh, as the artist’s famous paintings come to life in the most unique way that would not be possible without virtual reality.

The full list of Mobile VR Jam 2015 winners can be found below:

Platinum Game: $200,000

Platinum App or Experience: $100,000 and Community’s Choice App or Experience: $10,000

Gold Games: $100,000

Gold Apps or Experiences: $50,000

Silver Games: $50,000

Silver Apps or Experiences: $30,000

Bronze Games: $10,000

Bronze Apps or Experiences: $10,000

Community’s Choice Game: $10,000

Congratulations to all the winner’s for an amazing job! We look forward to seeing what new innovations, and experiences we can expect at next year’s Mobile VR Jam!