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Oculus VR News | May 25, 2024

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Oculus Releases Unity Sample Framework for Oculus Rift

Oculus Releases Unity Sample Framework for Oculus Rift

Image courtesy of: Oculus


One way that Oculus hopes to fast-track the production of virtual reality content is by including a learning tool that developers can use when they are creating new experiences or porting existing games to virtual reality with the release of the Oculus Sample Framework for Unity 5.

The Oculus Sample Framework for Unity 5 offers an intuitive way for designers and developers to get a sense of how they can maximize the potential of the Oculus Rift through understanding and exploring common decisions in VR to create the best experiences.

According to the official description for the Oculus Unity Sample Framework, the software “…assists developers in implementing Unity applications by providing sample scenes and guidelines for common VR-specific features such as crosshairs, driving, and first-person movement. The Sample Framework can guide developers in producing reliable, comfortable applications and avoiding common mistakes.”

“The Oculus Unity Sample Framework consists of a Unity project as well as application binaries for playing the sample scenes in VR. Sample scenes are navigated and controlled in-app with a simple UI, which also provides explanatory notes.”

A lot of the current design constraints around virtual reality revolve around how the user experiences these images and sequences from a VR standpoint. While games in traditional 2D can take many liberties with their design, because everything appears on a flat screen, developers have to be more conscious of their design approach to virtual reality.

By utilizing the Oculus Sample Framework for Unity 5, developers will hopefully gain a much better understanding and experiment with how to improve their design concepts for VR. Oculus is eager to see what innovative content developers will bring to the Oculus Rift, and continues to offer support in an effort to see new games and applications make their way to the platform.

For more information check out the official blog post on the Oculus Unity Sample Framework. Also, for those interested in getting started with developing content for VR, be sure to also read up on Oculus’ Best Practices Guide to learn more.