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Oculus VR News | April 16, 2024

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Oculus Revamps Developer Hub Site, Improved Documentation and Support

Oculus Revamps Developer Hub Site, Improved Documentation and Support

Image courtesy of: Oculus


Oculus has revamped its developer hub site in an effort to improve and better serve content creators developing games and applications for its platform.

The improvements address many of the requests and valuable feedback received from participants that took part in the recent global developer survey. The purpose of the survey was to help the company gain a better understanding of the needs of the development community in order to improve their VR experience as developers.

Along with improving the developer hub site, the company also made improvements to documentation, as well as committed its effort to more communication and support overall.

As part of the revamp changes, the developer hub site now features a new header and left-side navigation, separated into helpful category sections—Discover, Design, Develop, Distribute, Support, and Manage. There is also a new search functionality to help make it easier to discover information throughout the website, in addition, Oculus has refreshed the documentation for many areas, including the PC, Mobile, and Platform SDK documentation.

Oculus Developer Hub

Oculus is also promising that it will further improve communication to developers by increasing the amount of informative content posted on the Oculus developer blog and more details in the changelogs for its SDK and feature releases. Oculus says it has been building up its staff support team since January, dedicated to moderating the developer forum, answering direct support questions, and keeping the FAQ pages updated.

To learn more about the new improvements and changes, check out the official blog post on the Oculus website.