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Oculus VR News | April 6, 2020

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Oculus Rift Experiment Simulates What Lag in Real Life Feels Like

Staff Writer

Can you imagine a world where three seconds of lag was part of your daily life? Well, Swedish fiber broadband provider UME wanted to experiment with the frustrating concept of lag in real life—similar to the irritating lag many of us experience when browsing, gaming and streaming on the internet.

To make this so-called experiment work, four volunteers were mounted with Oculus Rift headset combined with a Raspberry Pi, a webcam, and noise-cancelling headphones to create an experience that simulates the outside world to be delayed between 0.3 seconds to an entire three seconds behind—the results are pretty entertaining, and hilarious.

Here is another video (below) showing the lag-experience from a first person perspective:

The creators of this experiment have turned their ad into a viral gold with over 4 million views on YouTube since its release a few days ago. Next time you attempt to do Zumba, go bowling, play ping pong, or cook breakfast try to make sure you are living lag-free.