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Oculus VR News | June 16, 2024

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Oculus Touch 'Toybox' Videos Show Social VR Capabilities

Oculus Touch 'Toybox' Videos Show Social VR Capabilities

Image courtesy of: Oculus


Today, Oculus officially released two new videos that demonstrate the unique capabilities of its Oculus Touch motion input controllers and the power of social VR interaction.

Those who were lucky enough to attend one of the recent events like E3, or Oculus Connect 2 will be familiar with the company’s internal tech demo, Toybox, which is shown in the video.

The video offers a brief glimpse of how players will be able to utilize their hands with the use of the Oculus Touch controllers to manipulate objects, poke at things, stack blocks, play games, and best of all, be able to interact with other people in real-time within the virtual world environment. Unlike a traditional gamepad, the Touch controllers offer users a much more immersive experience, that not only enhances the sense of presence but allows for a more natural form of social interaction.

While the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset is scheduled to launch in Q1 2016, the Touch controllers are not slated to arrive until later in Q2. No specific price on the Touch controllers has been announced, as of yet. Stay tuned for more details soon.