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Oculus VR News | July 16, 2024

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Oculus SDK 1.6 Reveals New Touch Features and Additional Sensor Support

Oculus SDK 1.6 Reveals New Touch Features and Additional Sensor Support

Image courtesy of: Oculus


This week Oculus released its latest software development kit, Oculus PC SDK 1.6, which includes a number of key improvements to help improve the user experience, as well as two interesting features for the much-anticipated Oculus Touch controllers slated for Q4 of this year.

According to the documentation of the latest SDK 1.6 update, the addition of a new ‘Enter’ button, which is positioned on the left-hand controller, is noted to function similar to the ‘Start’ button on an Xbox One controller. Also making it into the new SDK is support for enhanced haptic feedback capabilities referred to by Oculus as “Buffered haptics” which are designed to change rapidly, and work for subtle effects.

The SDK supports two types of haptics: buffered and non-buffered. Buffered haptics are designed to change rapidly (every 3.125ms) and work well for subtle effects. Non-buffered haptics are designed for simple effects that don’t change often (every 33ms).

List of highlighted features for version 1.6 of the Oculus firmware update include:

  • Coming Soon: Check out future apps and games, and get notified when titles you like are ready.
  • Improved Downloads: You can now choose how much bandwidth to use for Oculus downloads. Also, downloads now resume seamlessly if interrupted.
  • Automatic Updates: Games and apps installed on your computer from the Oculus Store can now be automatically updated whenever a new version is released.
  • User Ratings: Rate games and apps, and also see how highly other users have rated an app. User ratings are only available in VR, from Oculus Home.

Interestingly, it was pointed out by a keen Rift owner that the 1.6 update also features support for up to four sensors to be connected simultaneously, which will allow for more accurate tracking and expanded range to deliver a full room-scale VR experience. Perhaps, we’ll hear more from Oculus on room-scale VR applications and experiences following this year’s third annual developer conference, Oculus Connect, which takes place in October.

For more information and to download the latest Oculus PC SDK version 1.6, check out the changelog here.