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Oculus VR News | April 16, 2024

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Rift Platform Update Adds Support for User-Created Home Spaces

Rift Platform Update Adds Support for User-Created Home Spaces

Image courtesy of: Oculus


There are now more ways for Rift users to customize their Oculus Home to feel more personal than ever before, thanks to the latest update that brings user-created spaces to the platform.

The new update rolling out will enable users to no longer be limited to only the stock cabin model in Oculus Home but will include a handful of pre-made templates—including a cafe and theater setting, as well as special themed decor and furniture items to go along with it.

According to Oculus’ blog post, users will be able to create any space they can imagine from a bunch of small rooms integrated together to large open outdoor environments. There are some basic requirements, for example, a user-created Home must not exceed 1000 meters in total size in any dimension, Homes must be created from a .glb file format under 15MB in size, and custom textures must not exceed 2048 x 2048 in resolution.

Support for user-generated objects was first added back in June, allowing users to import .glb object files into Oculus Home import directory. Users would also create virtual items in Medium, the company’s VR sculpting app, and export them directly into their Home virtual living space. But, it was not until this recent update rolled out, that users with some 3D modeling experience are able to create or modify their Home space for a fully customized environment.

“From a cluster of small rooms to large open outdoor environments and beyond, the design is up to you. And with a number of online resources available, there’s no modeling skills required,” says Oculus. Of course, those of you with some 3D modeling experience under your belt can also create and modify Homes, adding simple lighting, ambient audio, and more.”

To get started creating the customized virtual space of your dreams in Oculus Home, check out user-created Home setup guide for basic details and more advanced instructions.