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Oculus VR News | April 21, 2024

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Rift SI Version 1.28 Now Rolling Out to Oculus Public Test Channel

Rift SI Version 1.28 Now Rolling Out to Oculus Public Test Channel

Image courtesy of: Oculus


Oculus announced that the latest Rift SI version 1.28 has started rolling out to users that have opted into its Public Test channel, bringing some new features and updates to test ahead of the full public release.

This latest build of the Rift SI introduces the much-anticipated upgrade to Oculus Avatars, which adds new hair options, skin shading, clothing, and eyewear designs for users to uniquely customize the look of their avatars on the platform. Rift SI version 1.28 also now features support for nine new languages across the core software, personalized app recommendations through the Oculus desktop app, as well as the ability for users to select apps based on a specific language that is currently supported.

Below are the full change notes for the Rift SI version 1.28:

New Language Support:

  • We’ve added support across core software, including Dash, Oculus desktop app and Oculus Home, for the following languages: Danish, Finnish, Dutch, Swedish, Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Latin American), Italian, Norwegian, and Polish.
  • You can change your language in the Oculus desktop app with the “Language Preference” option in the “General” tab on the “Settings” page.

Oculus Desktop App:

  • We’re starting to test personalized app recommendations on your Home Page.
  • We’ve added per-application language pack support for developers. As developers start to use this feature, you’ll see what languages are available for each application and set your specific language pack via the app’s Library detail panel.

Rift Core 2.0 Beta:

  • We’ve upgraded the Oculus Avatars with new custom hair, skin shading, clothing, and eyewear designs. You can customize your avatar from within Home: select the “Avatar Editor” mirror from the “Special Items” category and place anywhere in your Home.
  • Developers who upgrade to the latest Avatar SDK will be able to utilize these new avatars in their apps.

If you’re participating in Public Test channel, Oculus encourages users to share their feedback and ideas through the Rift Core UserVoice Group, and report any bug issues via the in-app reporting tool.

[Update 6/29/18]: Oculus has announced some additional new features rolling out as part of the current Rift SI version 1.28 Public Test channel release, including multiplayer functionality in Oculus Home.