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Oculus VR News | April 21, 2024

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All Oculus Connect Developer Session Videos of 2014 Now Available Online

All Oculus Connect Developer Session Videos of 2014 Now Available Online

Image courtesy of: Oculus


In September, Oculus VR held its first-ever Oculus Connect developer conference in Hollywood, California. The conference proved to be a huge success bringing together nearly 1,000 attendees who share a passion and interest in the future of virtual reality.

Along with the latest VR project demos, and the reveal of the new Oculus Rift ‘Crescent Bay‘ prototype, Oculus Connect hosted a number of fascinating keynote speeches — including, in-depth developer sessions that provided a wealth of VR knowledge to attendees during the two-day conference event.

Oculus has now made the developer sessions available online for everyone’s viewing pleasure, along with the slides of each presentation for download.

Introduction to Audio in VR

Brain Hook, Audio Engineer at Oculus, goes into the importance of audio in virtual reality, and how sound enhances the perception of Size, Space, and Distance – Presentation PDF

Getting Started with Gear VR

Matt Cohen, Head of Mobile at Oculus, and Ryan Rutherford, Software Engineer at Oculus offer a brief introduction to Gear VR, and further discuss the engineering details of the device – Presentation PDF

Mastering the Oculus SDK

Michael Antonov, Chief Software Architect at Oculus and Volga Aksoy, Software Engineer at Oculus discusses the technical features of working with the Oculus SDK with a focus on C++ programming, and details the general roadmap on future SDK features – Presentation PDF

Integrating the Oculus Rift into Unreal Engine 4

Nick Whiting and Nick Donaldson from Epic Games discuss the lessons and challenges learned integrating the Oculus Rift into the Unreal Engine 4 – Presentation PDF

Film and Storytelling in VR

Eugene Chung, Director of Film and Media at Oculus, moderates a panel about film and storytelling in VR with Robert Stromberg, John Gaeta, Saschka Unseld, and Kim Liberi – Presentation PDF

Learning from Lucky’s Tale

Design Director Dan Hurd and CEO Paul Bettner from Playful discuss the development process of their VR game title Lucky’s Tale – Presentation PDF

The Human Visual System and the Rift

Richard Yao, Ph.D, Research Scientist at Oculus, discusses how the human component of perception works inside of virtual reality – Presentation PDF

The Value of VR for Professional Applications

Sebastian Kuntz, CEO of MiddleVR shares his experience and thoughts on the value of virtual reality for professional applications in the world – Presentation PDF

Developing VR Experiences with the Oculus Rift

Tom Forsyth, Software Architect at Oculus, discusses the high-level technical details for developing VR applications to deliver a quality virtual reality experience for the user – Presentation PDF

Elevating Your VR

Tom Heath, Software Engineer at Oculus, discusses the best practices on developing a good VR experiences and recognizing how to make it even better – Presentation PDF

Building the First Rift Development Kit

Nirav Patel, Engineer at Oculus, shares his experience and discusses the process it took in developing the first Oculus Development Kit (DK1) – Presentation PDF

360-degree Filmmaking in VR

A panel with Kamal Sinclair, Chris Milk, Paul Raphaël, and Ikrima Elhassen discussing the level of immersion and ground breaking future of 360-degree Filmmaking content in virtual reality – Presentation PDF

Stay tuned for more Oculus updates, and coverage as it develops. Stay tuned!