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Oculus VR News | July 8, 2020

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Room Scale VR

Oculus Rolls Out 1.15 Software Update, Improves Room Scale Support

May 23, 2017 |

Earlier this month Oculus pre-released its 1.15 update for the Oculus Rift on its Public Test Channel, allowing participating users to preview it and provide valuable feedback. Now, Oculus officially began to roll out the new software update to all users across … Read More

Oculus Releases 1.12 Update to Improve Tracking Quality

February 27, 2017 |

Oculus has officially started to roll out its much-anticipated 1.12 update, which promises to fix many of the tracking issues reported by Rift owners since the 1.11 update was released earlier this month.

The release of the new 1.12 update … Read More

Oculus Addresses Persistent Room-Scale Tracking Issues, Promises Fix

February 15, 2017 |

Earlier this month, Oculus released its 1.11 update in an effort to improve the platform’s ‘experimental’ room-scale tracking performance with multi-sensor setups. However, following the update, some users are now experiencing more problems with tracking, as reported by Road to VR.

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Oculus Rift 1.11 Update Improves Roomscale and Multi-Sensor Support

February 4, 2017 |

Oculus has released its latest 1.11 update for the Rift headset and Touch motion controllers, which promises to improve the ‘experimental’ roomscale and 360º support with multi-sensor setups and brings fixes for the guardian boundary system.

Oculus released their Touch motion … Read More

Room-Scale VR is Possible with Oculus Rift

March 22, 2016 |

One of the highlighted differences between the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets at launch seems to be the Vive’s main feature of “room-scale” VR capabilities. With the use of the Vive’s included Lighthouse sensors, a users entire body movement can be … Read More

Palmer Luckey Confirms Oculus Rift Supports Room-Scale VR

December 14, 2015 |

It’s no surprise that the idea for “room-scale” VR appeals to many people who want to feel they are not just limited to seated or standing experience. Being able to physically roam does offer a unique sense of freedom, however, … Read More