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Oculus VR News | July 16, 2024

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Oculus Files Motion for a New Trial in $500 Million ZeniMax Case

Oculus Files Motion for a New Trial in $500 Million ZeniMax Case

Image courtesy of: Oculus


After vowing to take legal action to contest a jury’s decision which awarded ZeniMax Media $500 million in damages for copyright infringement and false designation back in February, Oculus has now filed a motion last Friday requesting a new trial to take place, UploadVR reports.

According to the four-page motion document, Oculus argues that a new trial is warranted because the initial verdicts against Facebook’s Oculus, Palmer Luckey, Brendan Iribe, and John Carmack were “against the great weight of the evidence” and that “spoliation testimony and adverse inference instruction tainted the jury.”

While despite being found not guilty on most of the allegations claimed by ZeniMax, Oculus still was hit with a hefty financial blow totaling $500 million, which the motion calls the damages owed as “excessive.”

The motion also claims that the jury’s verdict was based on “unreliable and prejudicial expert testimony” and that it was “irreconcilably inconsistent”—which is a similar claim Carmack made just after the ruling was announced.

Shortly after the initial verdict, Zenimax filed for an injunction to block the sale of any Oculus products using any disputed VR code that was at the center of the case, but so far no court action has yet been taken.

Meanwhile, Carmack filed a lawsuit of his own against ZeniMax in March for $22.5 million, and earlier this month it was revealed that Oculus founder and creator of the Rift headset, Palmer Luckey has left the company for reasons that are unclear at this time.